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About us


Northstar Behavioral Health, is a premier health treatment center of trained professionals located at the Omiros Building in Bayonne NJ, and serving the community of the Tristate Area for mental health needs and addiction treatments. 

Northstar Health seeks to promote balanced health and quality of life. We aim to enhance human potentials, focus on education in stress management, help cope and navigate society’s pitfalls, and understand behavioral issues. We restore hope, potential and dignity.

North Star Behavioral Health outpatient programs are designed to provide mental health and addiction services to individuals in need. We treat all with respect and dignity, and hold confidentiality to the highest standards. Every individual is unique, as well as their needs; our approach for treatment through individualized plans is outcome focused. Our trained professionals use the principles and practices of psychosocial rehabilitation, mental health and addiction education, life coaching and a unique motivational approach. We ultimately strive to empower, foster independence, instill hope and improve quality of life.

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